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Stop playing "Monopoly" with the lives and deposits of Greeks
  • 30 Apr 2023
  • economy


Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis visited Schimatari, Thebes and Livadia yesterday.

The prime minister, speaking to citizens, repeated the dilemmas of the elections and, addressing the opposition, stressed: "Stop playing Monopoly with our lives and with the deposits of the Greeks. Enough, that's it, these scumbags."

The statements of Mr. Mitsotakis

"I return to the dilemmas of the elections and to those who want to govern us without having learned anything at all from the colossal mistakes they committed in 2015.

I refer to Mr. Varoufakis because he is an integral component of the "progressive governance" that Mr. Tsipras is talking about. He is the same one who told us a few days ago, with an excess of smugness and arrogance, that "there is no problem if the banks close again and we leave the euro, you will all be paid with... Demitres". I hope we will not have any Dimitra in our company and misunderstood.

Well, we say to them clearly: Stop playing Monopoly with our lives and with the deposits of Greeks. Enough, that's enough of these scumbags! But which at the same time are also dangerous, because all these plans still exist in their minds.

Therefore, we must prevent them. And how do we stop them? With a strong New Democracy from the first Sunday of the elections.

We, friends, and as I begin this very beautiful pre-election journey here, from Viotia, I feel very at peace with my conscience about what we have done in these four years.

We did two things, essentially. We managed a lot of crises - I don't need to repeat them - one after another happened to us. We adequately steadied the ship of our country.

The dilemmas, therefore, in the run-up to the elections are very clear, and I hope that we will be able to discuss them in a civilized and democratic way, as befits our faction, in the next four weeks until the elections on May 21st.

There is only one Sunday, May 21st

"A lady told me 'big win on the first Sunday of the election.' I answered her "there is only one Sunday, the 21st of May" and she will send the message of the self-reliant New Democracy, but also of a self-reliant Greece.

The stronger we are on the first Sunday, the more certain we will be that the Greek people will finally trust us with the great responsibility of governing the country for the next four years as well.

And the stronger we are on the first Sunday, the more we will prevent all these loser government scenarios, which don't listen to anyone, they are not just being floated around, I'm sure they are conceived by various people who imagine that they can form a government against his will Greek people. A government, in fact, in which those who destroyed our homeland in 2015 will participate."

We have delivered on our three key commitments

"We also used the crises as an opportunity to change the state more effectively, but we did not use the crises as an alibi not to implement our pre-election program.

It would be very easy to stand here today in front of you and say to you, "look, you see", residents here of Schimatari, the Municipality of Tanagra, "I had so many things that I had to do that I could not, I did not have time to implement the program my".

I'm not telling you because it's simply not true. What did I tell you before the election? Three simple things: I will lower taxes, create jobs and make the country safer.

I kept all three. Taxes have been lowered, jobs have been created and our country is safer today.

And since we are talking about jobs, the mayor was right when he spoke here about a municipality in which the sea and livestock coexist, but of course a municipality that is at the heart of the manufacturing of our homeland. To see how many investments are being made, friends, only here in the Regional Unit of Boeotia. The total investments made in the industrial area here in Schimatari exceed 500 million, but not only that.

Businesses that were closed, Pitsos, Softex - I mention two indicatively that have been revived, not by chance. Because this government bent over their problems, found investors, secured financing, and today these investments are able to restore jobs to our fellow citizens who had lost hope.

Work and reducing unemployment was my first priority. And here in Boeotia and as a whole in the Region of Sterea Hellas we have made this our vision a reality. The regional governor knows, as well as the mayor, that our cooperation with the Local Government all this time has been excellent", Kyriakos Mitsotakis emphasized.

Comrades, the shore is not crooked, you are wrongly tuning...

"I want to always oppose politically, with arguments, with all our political opponents and that is what we will do during the election campaign. I will ask you to say "no" to fake news, "no" to toxicity. I observe with interest, I smile, I smile when I see our opponents who are now to blame, he says, polls and polling methodology. I say to them "comrades, the shore is not crooked, you are wrongly arming". Polls reflect reality. This is what we see here as well", underlined Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

In the context of his tour, the prime minister referred to the comparative advantages of the wider region and pointed out the investments he managed to attract.

He also referred to the new, more than doubled NSRF that will be managed by regional governor Fanis Spanos, for whom he expressed his belief that he will be re-elected.

"Fani, you will be regional governor again", he characteristically said and referred to the development policies that will be implemented by the government and the Region in the next period.

Greece is like a half-built house

"But this is a program that we negotiated and we won for the country. As we won the resources of the Recovery Fund, which will be invaluable to us to finance everything from investments to health centers to digital boards in all Greek schools. A revolution is happening in our schools, 36,000 digital boards will have classes from the 5th grade onwards. A completely different interactive lesson for our children.

All these are just nuggets of the great work we have achieved in these four years. And we want to put this project to the judgment of the citizens. To be trusted again, because we were reliable, we kept what we said, and because above all we have a plan for the Greece of the next day.

Many times I present my vision of Greece as a house which is currently half built. We have laid the foundations and have started building the floors. The house is not finished


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