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New Democracy takes action in Chalandri
  • 26 Apr 2023
  • Politics

The split of the party core in Chalandri due to the presence of Haris Roma on the one hand and Kristis Agapitou on the other is expected to activate the reflexes of the ruling party. Most likely, immediately after the May 21, 2023 elections.

Information indicates that during the poll conducted three weeks ago for the municipality of Chalandrio, it was found that the current mayor, Simos Roussos, has the lead. The same information states that he leads with 28% against the well-known actor's 18% and Agapito's 10-12.

Observing the "low-flying" nature of New Democracy due to the split, officials want to intervene immediately after the national elections. They will do the same in the case of Agia Paraskevi, where the failed term of Vassilis Zorbas has "opened the appetite" of many New Democrats, especially Alexandros Moustogiannis...

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