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The "reins" of the Ministry of Interior in Kalliopi Spanou
  • 26 Apr 2023
  • Politics

In a cordial atmosphere, the ceremony of handing over and receiving the duties of the Minister of the Interior from Makis Voridis to the caretaker minister Kalliopi Spanou took place yesterday.

Mrs. Spanou, in her short statement, noted that she will work with all her strength to ensure that everything goes well and that the pre-election period is conducted smoothly. "Our priority," he added, "is to have a smooth pre-election period, for the procedures to go as they should and for the popular will to be expressed with the integrity that should be expressed."

The acting Minister of the Interior expressed confidence that "we will do very well. I am sure that the agency will have prepared all the procedures and infrastructure needed for the smooth conduct of the elections."

For his part, M. Voridis, welcoming K. Spanou, spoke of a distinguished professor, with great experience and history in public administration issues, mainly from the point of view of the control of public administration through her term as Advocate Citizen.

The outgoing minister did not take stock of the project, as this happened at a special ceremony last week. He warmly thanked the executives, workers and transferred employees of the ministry for the work done in the four years.

Finally, he did not fail to emphasize that "none of what was implemented could have been done if we did not have the undivided support of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, whose support was clear and unambiguous at every step of the ministry's efforts."

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