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"I hurt my place and I'm not a passerby..."
  • 26 Apr 2023
  • Politics

Vassilis Oikonomou is a member of parliament who offers non-stop in eastern Attica. "Logos" spoke to the active member of parliament, who reported on the events.

"Geographically, our region is one of the largest regions of Attica and I have been fighting for it for decades in Parliament, but most importantly, in its streets and neighborhoods," the MP said characteristically and explained: "So this question to it takes many pages to answer. But what I can say, and which every resident of Eastern Attica knows very well, is that I was, am and will always be here, by their side, in all big and small problems.

From Health Centers and ambulances, to transport, forest maps, compensation, our gyms and all the burning everyday issues. Only with continuous effort, interest and love for our country can I look the citizens of our region in the eyes every day and ask for their support.

But why should the citizens of Eastern Attica support Vassilis Economou? "The citizens of Eastern Attica know very well who I am," he emphasized and pointed out: "They know that I have been by their side every day for decades, on the ramparts and on the front line. They also know the struggles I gave in the Parliament for our district.

They know that I did not lose my cool in any battle, from the small daily issues to the big issues of the country and that I am always "present" in their joys and especially in their sorrows and problems. They know very well that I am one of them, a person who hurts our country and not a passing statesman because I did not find electoral shelter somewhere else. I am one of them and I am here to fight for them."

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