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This is how polls are done around the world and we are controlled
  • 26 Apr 2023
  • Politics

The Association of Polling and Market Research Companies (SEDEA) responds to what the press representative of SYRIZA, Popi Tsapanidou, said last Sunday with its announcement about the way polls are conducted.

As they say:

With reference to the request made yesterday to the media by the press representative of SYRIZA for the posting by the polling companies of their unweighted primary data, SEDEA states the following:

SEDEA member companies comply with the provisions of Law 3603/2007 on public opinion polls and operate with absolute transparency.

The member companies of SEDEA are checked for the conduct of public opinion surveys through the Data Collection Quality Control System (PESS) and are certified based on this.

The publication of unweighted data on the one hand is not provided for in N3603/2007, on the other hand their non-publication is the prevailing practice throughout the world.

We remind you that the Audit of Polls can have access to the primary unweighted data as part of the audit of any survey. Therefore, if someone wants additional control over a poll, they can turn to Poll Control.

The real problem is the publication of polls by companies that do not follow the dictates of the law, do not belong to SEDEA and are not controlled for their research.

The Board of Directors of SEDEA

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