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Εισαγωγικό κείμενο

M. Sirengela: Syriza is deceiving the people
  • 26 Apr 2023
  • Politics

The Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Maria Syregela, puts things in order regarding the creation of structures and accommodation centers for abused women.

The occasion was the statements of SYRIZA's press representative, Popis Tsapanidou, who reported on a TV show that the official opposition built structures for abused women.

The deputy minister's reaction was immediate and catalytic, stating that "once again, SYRIZA irresponsibly deals with serious issues, such as gender and domestic violence, and continues its lies, showing that the official opposition is addicted to disinformation.

What the spokeswoman said is a big lie. The network of structures of GGDOPIF, with the counseling centers, the hospitality hostels and the SOS Line 15900, has existed for many years. During the SYRIZA government, only one counseling center was opened, while one hostel was closed...

It is good for SYRIZA to stop considering Greek citizens as having a reduced perception and to stop deceiving the Greek people".

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