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V. Migas was deleted from SYRIZA after his "vulgar and sexist post"
  • 26 Apr 2023
  • Politics

SYRIZA-PS proceeded to delete Vassilis Migas, a member of the party in Larissa, "after his vulgar and sexist post", according to a party announcement.

Mr. Migas had wondered, among other things, whether the woman who denounced Alexis Georgoulis lives with Nikos Androulakis.

Georgoulis case: V. Migas was deleted from SYRIZA after his "vulgar and sexist post"

PASOK earlier issued an angry statement on the occasion of the post of the SYRIZA executive, wondering about Alexis Tsipras, "what kind of feelings are born, reading his public statement".

PASOK's announcement in detail:

The admonition in our announcement yesterday to "start extinguishing" was misjudged by SYRIZA.

Does Mr. Tsipras today feel the need to apologize for his party's candidate, in the second seat of Thessaloniki, Anastasia Gaitartzi, who characterizes the serious criminal case in which their MEP is involved as "set up"?

Really, what kind of feelings are born to him, reading the public position of the member of the Larisa Prefectural Committee of his party, Vassilis Migas?

And with the victims and the sewer?

Finally, a due answer to the head of the Eurogroup of SYRIZA, Dimitris Papadimoulis, who in his statements today implied that Nikos Androulakis knew about the complaint in advance.

The President of PASOK-Movement for Change as well as the victim's family learned of this tragic event on Easter Monday. Mr. Papadimoulis himself is invited to answer us.

- How did he investigate the rumors about the SYRIZA MEP.

- Did the announcement of Mr. Georgoulis, in which he invokes political persecution and leaves unacceptable insinuations about the timing of the request to lift his immunity, express the SYRIZA Eurogroup and the official opposition? In the meantime, after the posting of the mother of Katerina Stefanidis and candidate with SYRIZA, Zois Varelis-Stefanidis on the Georgoulis - Chronopoulou case, which raised a storm of reactions, another parliamentary candidate of the official opposition party proceeded to post on her personal account on Facebook, leaving suspicions of a "fixed" event before the elections".

The reason for Anastasia Gaitartzi, who is on the ballots of SYRIZA in 2 Thessaloniki and who emphasized in her post that "we are the first to condemn the harassment of women... but what if it is a staged event right before the elections? Then;".

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