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Eight defendants are on trial for the death of Diego Maradona
  • 27 Apr 2023
  • international

The investigation into the circumstances under which Maradona took his last breath continues, with eight of the doctors and nurses who looked after the Argentine going on trial for simple manslaughter with possible intent.

Diego Maradona breathed his last on November 25, 2020, but his death is still under investigation by the Argentine judicial authorities, as reported by international media.

Eight of the doctors and nurses who cared for the football legend (among them the doctor Leopoldo Luke and the psychiatrist Agustina Kosatsov) in their last moments will eventually go on trial, on the charge of simple homicide with possible intent, a crime which under Argentinian regulations it is punishable by 8 to 25 years in prison.

The defendants appealed to avoid a trial, but it fell through.

Maradona's daughter, Dalma, posted on Instagram about the new development, expressing her joy that justice is moving forward, although she knows there is still a long way to go and that of course "Dieguito" will not return.

"Many times the process is painful and slow, but here we are and we will not stop until justice is served. Anyone who has stopped doing their job (at someone's request or due to inefficiency) will be judged for it.

And those who are not in this trial, but participated in some way, I hope their conscience will not let them live in peace," Dalma Maradona wrote in her story.

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