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Schools closed in India for a week due to heat and 12 dead
  • 27 Apr 2023
  • international

Authorities in parts of India have closed schools for a week after recording extremely high temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius.

In at least two states -- Tripura in the northeast and West Bengal in the east -- schools will remain closed this week as temperatures soared 5 degrees Celsius above normal, state governments said.

Calcutta (Kolkata), the capital of West Bengal, recorded temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius on April 13 and 41 on April 14, more than five degrees above normal for this time of year, JK Das told Reuters. , an official in the state weather service.

In February, the national meteorological service had announced that India was likely to experience heat waves during March-May.

The average maximum temperature in February in India was 29.54 degrees Celsius--the highest since 1901, when meteorological records began to be kept.

Scientists have linked the earlier onset of high temperatures to climate change and say more than a billion people in India and neighboring Pakistan are somehow vulnerable to extreme heat.

Twelve people died suddenly on Sunday and many others were taken to hospital while attending an awards ceremony in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

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